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ERP for small business needs

United Arab Emirates
On 05, Jan 2017 15:27:49
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In today s digital world, no business is smaller for ERP Software. It
allows small businesses to insights act and manage their business
intelligence way towards business growth. So we should move our business to latest technology systems.

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Re : ERP for small business needs

Shiny rosy
On 04-Feb-17 12:15:41 PM
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Obviously Enterprise Resource Planning is essential for small businesses. It has numerous benefits such as boosting productivity, reducing operating & administrative costs, streamlining data flow, encouraging collaboration, and delivering business insights. It improves decision-making, visibility to company s financial performance in real-time, sales performance, inventory control & planning and on-time delivery.

Re : ERP for small business needs

United States
Mike cartwright
On 08-May-17 03:02:19 PM
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ERP software can be made even better with the help of an integrating software like Tenfold. It allows ERPs to integrate with your preferred phone system, HR software, email provider, messaging software, etc.


Re : ERP for small business needs

Jeremy carlisle
On 05-Jun-17 04:14:58 PM
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Hey, Mike! You're using Tenfold, too? I've heard good things about these guys. My friend's real estate firm is using them, too. I just wasn't aware that they integrate ERPs as well.

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