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Available for sale is a wide range of genuine leather products. Our goods
are both raw and Semi-finished. They are used as raw material in many
industries. We have animal skins of various forms like Wet salted, wet
blue, finished and semi finished. The variety available from our partners
provides a wide supply of hides & skins .

Our supply comes directly from abattoirs, slaughterhouses and processors of
wet salted hides that are established a minimum of 15 years and even more
in some cases. The variety available from our partners provides a huge
supply of hides & skins such as Salted Cow hides, Salted wet and Dry Donkey
hides , wet and dry Horse Hides .



-Full substance,
-100% machine flayed
-No ticks, no scratches, no humps
-Size: 32 to 40 sq.ft.
-Average size: 36 sq.ft.
-Weight: 22kgs to 32kg
-Average weight: 25kgs
-Selection: 80% A/B, 20% C/D
-Male 75% / Female 25%
-1 x 40 container = 1700-2000 hides
-Availability: 10 x 40 ft container
- Impurity: No sand , No dust, No mud ,No foreign object, no fats and no
- Not available: No hair slip problem, No rotten Hides, No fats and meat on
the Hides,No mule
- No Holes, No Cuts, No Reheated,
-Sand : non and clean from any other dust or mud.

Standard Documents For Shipment :
-Quarantine Certificate .
-Commercial Invoice
-Packing List
-Bill Of Lading
-SGS Certification
-Certificate Of Quality
-Certificate Of Origin
-Fumigation Certificate
-Phytosanitary Certificate
-Insurance Policy
-Certificate of price confirmation .

Packing : Hides are packed & placed on plank lifting fork wooden pallets
or crates .

Assortment: The hides to be stacked weight wise if possible and assortment
list .

Inspection: Pre-shipment inspection by customer is allow .

Assurance and Guarantee : inspection by customer is acceptable to ensure
100% check of quality by buyer and witnessing of packing and sealing of
containers .

Warranty: The salting process is intensive such that the wet hides arrive
in perfect condition . for longer distances Refrigerated containers are
been used . any decay hide upon arrival is replace for next shipment or
refund is given .

Availability: We always have enough stock because we have our own large
slaughter house and perfect equipments for slaughter . we also get supply
at abattoirs, slaughterhouses around the country and local farmers .

Shipment and Delivery : Best customer support. We know quality and price
stability, prompt delivery, excellent shipment service will affect
customer's benefits too much, we know our profit have to after our
customers' profit, so we always regards above points as our most important

Perfect claim treatment: we have to do everything to protect our
reputation. So our group have very perfect and rapid claim treatment
system. Trust us and we shall supply you with the best .
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