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Maintenance knowledge: geothermal floor maintenance rules

On 02, Nov 2016 08:02:20
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Reasonable use of warm, and to the greatest degree of protection of wood flooring, we usually use to warm, you should pay attention to the place, Xiaobian especially for everyone to make the following observations: First, the initial use of heating step by step, the use of geothermal floor ,How to Prevent Garden Wood-Plastic Fence from Aging Consumers must pay attention to step by step to the floor and floor heating. Installation, the surface temperature should be maintained at about 18 . In the installation, the cement ground temperature gradually increased daily 5 , until the standard up to about 18 . During the first 3 days of installation, the temperature should be maintained for 3 days before the temperature rises as required and only 5 C per day. The first use of geothermal heating, attention should be slow heating.

The first day of use, the first three days of heating to gradually warming: the first day of water temperature 18 , the next day 25 , the third day 30 , the fourth day to rise to normal temperature, the water temperature 45 , surface temperature 28 C to 30C. Can not heat up too fast, too fast, then the floor may be due to expansion cracking distortion phenomenon. Once again after a long time to enable geothermal heating system, but also as the first use as strictly in accordance with the heating process temperature. Second, the surface temperature can not be too high, the use of geothermal heating, city WPC flower box surface temperature should not exceed 28 , the water pipe temperature can not exceed 45 , if more than this temperature, will affect the life of the floor and the use of cycle.

General family, winter room temperature reached 22 or so, it has been very comfortable, the normal warming, then, will not affect the use of geothermal floor, three, close the geothermal system, pay attention to cooling to gradual. As the seasons go on, when the weather is warm up,WPC Materials In Recent Years indoor no longer need the geothermal system heating, should pay attention to close the geothermal system should have a process, the floor of the cooling process should be gradual, non-dips, if the cooling rate too fast, Will also affect the life of the floor. Fourth, the room is too dry, you can consider humidification. Dry weather in winter, coupled with the use of geothermal heating, the floor in the case of long-term high temperature, easy to dry, then the owners need to humidify the room in order to avoid dry deformation of the floor.

Note that the decoration can not be perforated in the ground, nails, so as not to leak the geothermal pipeline, leading to the geothermal system running water, the floor soaked. In addition,Ship Deck Flooring because the floor surface is the cooling surface, the floor as far as possible not to do fixed decorative pieces or placed without leg furniture, and should not be built platform, so as not to affect the hot air flow, resulting in poor room heating effect. As the floor surface temperature is relatively high, the use of geothermal heating system in the winter room is best not to place the water directly on the glassware and porcelain, so as to avoid uneven heat, thermal expansion and contraction, leading to vessel rupture, home " . Geothermal floor has become a home decoration in the fashion decorations, but we in the purchase, pavement must pay more attention to detail, especially in the maintenance, geothermal floor requirements are even higher.
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Re : Maintenance knowledge: geothermal floor maintenance rules

Shiny rosy
On 25-Jan-17 03:45:35 PM
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Great explanation about the geothermal floor maintenance. Thanks for sharing. Attention is must while heating and cooling the same. Having geothermal floor is easy but maintaining is a hectic process.

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