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    Physical properties of the metal main considerations:
    ⑴ density (specific gravity): ρ = P / V units of g / cc or t / m, where P is the weight, V is the volume. In practice, in addition to calculate the weight of the metal parts according to density, but it is important to consider the metal specific strength (strength σb density ρ ratio) to help selection, as well as non-destructive testing related to the acoustic detection of acoustic impedance (density ρ and sound velocity C product) and ray detector density of different substances have different ray energy absorption capacity and so on.[url=]Stainless Steel Suppliers in China[/url]

    ⑵ melting point: the temperature of the metal from a solid into a liquid state, has a direct impact on the smelting of metallic materials, thermal processing, and have a great relationship with the high temperature properties of the material.
    ⑶ thermal expansion as the temperature changes, the volume of the material also changes (expansion or contraction) of the phenomenon known as thermal expansion, the use of linear expansion coefficient is a measure, that is, when the temperature changes 1 ℃, increase or decrease the amount of material to its length at 0 ℃ ratio of the lengths. Thermal expansion and specific heat of the material. In practical applications but also consider the specific volume (when the temperature outside influence, unit weight of the material increase or decrease the volume of the material, namely the ratio of the volume and quality), particularly for work in high temperature environment, or in cold, hot alternating metal parts in the work environment, we must consider the impact of its expansion properties.[url=]high grade stainless steel[/url]
    ⑷ interesting magnetic properties of ferromagnetic object is magnetic, it is reflected in the permeability, hysteresis loss, the residual magnetic flux density, coercive force and other parameters, which can be a metallic material into paramagnetic and diamagnetic, soft and hard magnetic material.
    ⑸ electrical properties mainly consider its conductivity, electromagnetic non-destructive testing and so its impact resistance and eddy current loss.[url=]stainless steel strap[/url]

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