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  • Srimathi

    Srimathi posted a topic Technology in Work from home

    Working from the home is that used to develop the business or work at a single place or your own place as a part time or even a full time business....

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    06-Nov-2015 17:47 PM

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  • Srimathi

    Srimathi posted a topic Technology in E-commerce

    E-Commerce or Online place to buy or sell the products or services and other transactions through online / Internet. E commerce is incorporate with...

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    06-Nov-2015 17:43 PM

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  • Srimathi

    Srimathi posted a topic Digital or Internet marketing in Internet marketing

    Internet marketing, the very vast and interesting subject that used to develop the company strategies by marketing through the Internet. Internet...

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    06-Nov-2015 17:35 PM

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  • Srimathi

    Srimathi posted a topic Power of the employee in Employment of manpower

    In a company the most thing is that the man power, the key to develop the company. If there is no support in the company then its really a big doubt...

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    06-Nov-2015 17:29 PM

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  • Srimathi

    Srimathi posted a topic Sreemans Sun Garments in Introduce yourself

    I am Srimathi, manager of Sreeamans Sun Garments and suppliers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu established since 2005. We do supply all kinds of men and...

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    06-Nov-2015 17:14 PM

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  • Srimathi

    Srimathi replied a topic 4 social media tools to lead your online strategy in General business talk & Business news

    12-Nov-2015 17:04 PM

    Go local - Cover the local areas like nearby followers or friends or consumers. 
    Be Interactive - post interesting posts like fun facts, questions and answers related to your business
    Plan your calendar before posting the contents
    React Immediately