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  • Mahavir

    Mahavir posted a topic Traditional Marketing in Advertisements

    Traditional marketing is the marketing and advertisement that we see and hear every day.The traditional marketing categories are print, broadcast,...

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    06-Nov-2015 17:39 PM

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  • Mahavir

    Mahavir posted a topic Advertisement - The Need in Advertisements

    Every business from small to large scale need an advertising support to reach in the marketplace. It is now the basis key factor to develop a...

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    06-Nov-2015 17:35 PM

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  • Mahavir

    Mahavir posted a topic Quality & Planning in Quality & Planning

    Quality assurance is important to reduce risk . Quality can be maintained by good planning and complete work force . 

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    06-Nov-2015 17:31 PM

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  • Mahavir

    Mahavir posted a topic ManPower - The Power! in Employment of manpower

    Manpower is the key to success for any micro, small, and medium industry. Any organisation need an man power to acheive its goal.

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    06-Nov-2015 17:23 PM

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  • Mahavir

    Mahavir posted a topic Computer Spares in Introduce yourself

    I am Mahavir, head of Mahavir Computers. I am supplying all computer spares, hardwares, softwares. We provide all computer components of all brands...

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    06-Nov-2015 17:14 PM

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  • Mahavir

    Mahavir replied a topic 4 social media tools to lead your online strategy in General business talk & Business news

    12-Nov-2015 17:11 PM

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