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  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Greetings From Layar Merah Hevea Sdn Bhd in Introduce yourself

    02-Dec-2014 12:50 PM

    Hi Rahmat...You can display you halal seal with your products in, so that muslims will buy your product without any hesitation. Also post your company in bizbilla classifieds to get more customers in your region.
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Folba Oil Limited sdn in Introduce yourself

    02-Dec-2014 11:41 AM

    Hi Sodiq.. 
    Welcome to this business discussion forum..I've goggled your company name, it shows your company website in many b2b portals. the template you selected in this portal looks good. 
    you're doing business since 1995, but you don't have separate website for your company. I suggest you to make your online presence with your own website to get more trust on your firm. You can contact bizbilla support team  to get this service also.
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Importance of E-commerce in E-commerce

    12-Nov-2014 15:16 PM

    Hi Ahmed, 
    There are many internet marketing techniques which includes seo, smm, sem, smm and more. at first you need to optimize your webiste for better seo. you can start writing about your company in various articles sites, blog sites and publish press releases. Also you can use famous social media to promote your site. And you should build backlinks to your website through directory posting, social bookmarking, and more. as i said already internet marketing is easier and less expensive. 
    You can also contact reputed companies which provides digital marketing service at affordable cost.
    I suggest Svasamsoft in India, they provide better digital marketing service at lowest cost.
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Advanced product quality planning-APQP in Quality & Planning

    17-Sep-2014 15:43 PM

    what are the other ways to produce product quality plan
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Strategic Procurement in Business sourcing

    17-Sep-2014 15:34 PM

    yes, strategic procurement is very effective for business. because it is the only method which can be used for achieving supply chain goals.
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic business ideas in Business ideas and opportunities

    16-Sep-2014 15:07 PM

    You have come up with many useful business ideas. Dog walker is an emerging home based business idea. Many people are interested in pets, but when they going for outdoors like business trip, vacations and more they need some one's help to take care of their pets. This is a good and new business idea to start.
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Certificate course on Taxation in Taxation

    15-Sep-2014 17:03 PM

    Its a good move by the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, due to the frequent amendments in tax laws, sometimes experts also struggling to deal with tax cases. this certification course would be more helpful for them
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Kaizen in Quality & Planning

    15-Sep-2014 16:59 PM

    Everything can be improved based on a philosophical trust called Kaizen. Some of the organizations look at a process and see that it's running fine; Organizations that follow the principle of Kaizen see a process that can be improved. This means that nothing is ever seen as a status quo – there are continuous efforts to improve which result in small, often imperceptible, changes over time. These incremental changes add up to substantial changes over the longer term, without having to go through any radical innovation. It can be a much gentler and employee-friendly way to institute the changes that must occur as a business grows and adapts to its changing environment.
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Employee Monitoring Services in Business ideas and opportunities

    12-Sep-2014 16:41 PM

    its a good thing for mobile employers. but workers might feel something bad about tracking them.
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Surrogate Advertisement in Advertisements

    12-Sep-2014 16:32 PM

    In India, surrogate advertisements are banned. The Delhi high court on Wednesday sought additional information in support of a PIL seeking reliefs including a direction to the Centre for framing "stringent" guidelines to ban surrogate commercials to promote Liquor and various Tobacco brands in print and electronic media.
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Ways of Internet of Things for Smart Marketing in Internet marketing

    03-Sep-2014 16:42 PM

    Hundreds and thousands of devices are newly connected to the Internet everyday. Smart refrigerators, activity monitors, security cameras and more devices previously only plugged into a power outlet are connected to the Internet and are sending and receiving tons of data at scales never before seen. We are in need of more storage for the Internet of Things.
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Types of Staffing Policies in Employment of manpower

    03-Sep-2014 16:30 PM

    Ethnocentrism is an another term for racism. The belief that one race is superior to others is the main component in ethnocentrism. In a diverse workplace, ethnocentric behaviour and practices in hiring, job assignments and promotions create tension and it leads to reduced teamwork, productivity, increased turnover and conflicts. Increased costs and lost profits affect the corporate bottom line. So that preventing ethnocentrism is the duty of human resource managers.
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Cloud Computing in IT business solutions

    03-Sep-2014 16:23 PM

    Cloud computing companies are also jazzing up their basic offerings. In July Amazon Web Services launched Zocalo, a unique service for saving and sharing documents which lets people get access to their material any time and from anywhere. This week AWS has expanded Zocalo further proceedings. For the next few years, hybrid cloud arrangements may well rule, especially in industries such as health care and banking where companies like to keep some dedicated hardware of their own, to ensure they comply with standards laid down by regulators for handling sensitive data.
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Tax constraints on Food Products in Taxation

    02-Sep-2014 17:07 PM

    ofcourse on basic needs like foods should be reduced in a developing country like India. But for citizens welfare, the tax on cigarettes should be increased.
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic How to make a Business Plan ? in How should I start this business?

    01-Sep-2014 12:52 PM

    very informative Senuri..before writing a business plan we should determine our target market; and the plan should be written in order to won the target people.
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Tips to increase productivity in Business ideas and opportunities

    28-Aug-2014 11:26 AM

    yes merryl...micromanagement should be avoided..because it will limit your success.
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Legal Business Issues Faced in US in Legal and regulatory issues

    28-Aug-2014 11:19 AM

    hi senuri...can you please brief about disgruntled employees
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Cloud Computing in IT business solutions

    28-Aug-2014 11:16 AM

    Good information you said cloud computing is a boon to business especially to SMEs..Cloud computing means lower barriers to entry into business due to developed cost effectiveness, ability to grow faster, high scalability and flexibility of cloud services.
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Elements of Quality Management System in Quality & Planning

    27-Aug-2014 14:39 PM

    good information zarah..keep updating with the explanation of each elements
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Samsung to Launch Gear 3 Smart Watch in Marketplaces

    26-Aug-2014 14:56 PM

    Hi senuri..gear 3 smart watch from samsung is a good device with so many new features. 
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Best Paid Virtual Jobs in Work from home

    25-Aug-2014 14:32 PM

    Good Information senuri....keep updating
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Mobile Commerce in E-commerce

    23-Aug-2014 14:30 PM

    Hi Jaslynn.. Mobile commerce is not simply doing commerce in mobile. Its about the explosion of applications and services that are becoming easily accessible from mobile devices that are internet enabled. It is different from usual e-commerce. It impose various constraints than desktop computers. It also open the door to a slew of new applications and services. 
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Outdoor Advertising in Advertisements

    23-Aug-2014 14:14 PM

    Hi Jaslynn....can you please explain transit advertising
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Human Resource Planning in Employment of manpower

    23-Aug-2014 12:59 PM

    you are right Merryl...keep updating
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic ICICI unleashed EMI Debit Cards in Investment, fund raising and working capital

    22-Aug-2014 11:23 AM

    yes its a new revolution in debit card payments..ICICI used to introduce such useful services always.
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Bank Instruments For Lease in Banking and finance

    22-Aug-2014 11:21 AM

    Hi Sorin...a warm can make use of this platform to share about your service in detail..write articles and press releases about your services in Bizbilla..if you post articles about services, small business people can aware of your services and contact you. so that you can get more inquiries..
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic CMS website in IT business solutions

    21-Aug-2014 11:55 AM

    good information CMS websites are offered in Svasamsoft to all business people...
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Sourcing Strategy in Business sourcing

    20-Aug-2014 14:21 PM

    good information merryl..............keep posting
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Kinds of Electronic Commerce in E-commerce

    20-Aug-2014 14:13 PM

    hi senuri..what is C2A
  • Gabriala

    Gabriala replied a topic Taxation System in INDIA in Taxation

    20-Aug-2014 14:11 PM

    can you please elaborate direct tax and indirect tax