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  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic Franchising Main Thought in Franchising

    12-Nov-2015 10:36 AM

    Franchising is the Business Model that Provide the Chance For those who want to Start the Business without Investing Lots of Money for the Business to start, It Give the Best opportunity espicially for the Beginner Startup..Franchising also help to make the attention to customer about the Business and  Service as well as maintaining the quality and integrity of the Main brand. And Also it provide the an expansion of the Main Brand Business to each an Every Cities,Country and World wide.... 
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic Engaging with Suppliers in Business sourcing

    12-Nov-2015 10:21 AM

    And Also the Most Important of Supplier is that it help to Increase the product Purchase, Reduce the Cost of Purchase, Inventory Control and Schedule demands....
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic Doing Business in India in Global business markets

    07-Nov-2015 16:08 PM

    There is no Strict rule or Condition if you plan to Start good Business in Our Country India and Even the Government of India had a vision to become a world leading global knowledge platform and how Indian business and innovation. can improve such, as aims to understand and project the role and place of the Indian economy in the 21st Century through the modern world of innovation.
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic Surprising job you can work from home in Work from home

    07-Nov-2015 16:00 PM

    Job from home will be the Best opportunities especially for those who already retire from the permanent job, College student as a partime job for them, House wife, Old people, and even for those who still in the permanent job can join and Use the Opportunity to work from home.....  
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic MJ Arts & Co. in E-commerce

    07-Nov-2015 15:55 PM

    The best option is better to have an  e commerce Store, post all the Products and services you want promote and get One of the Best Global E commerce portal  know as check this portal I hope it will be the best option and solution for you with all Idea and Information according to your requirements.....
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic Android Audio Enhancer App in IT business solutions

    07-Nov-2015 15:44 PM

    If you have A good Mobile sound Device with Good Brand there in no need to Have any android apps to enhance sound...but if not then better apps that you can download like volume booster, Voodoo sound, Noozy and so on....
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic Legal considerations for online business in Legal and regulatory issues

    07-Nov-2015 15:37 PM

    To Make the Online Business Legal or have the Legal Consideration by Register your Business, consume and follow the Law Requirement, Know the Term of trade, Know the Security and privacy Concern and how to deal with Spam....these are the Basic Legal Consideration of Online Business....
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic bg/sblc and mtn for lease in Banking and finance

    07-Nov-2015 15:31 PM

    Good information and Idea for bg/sblc and mtn for lease....
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic GST tax commitee in Taxation

    07-Nov-2015 15:28 PM

    And Also GST tax committee is to provides a forum for members of the Taxation Section to learn and discuss issues relating to executive compensation, tax-qualified retirement plans, and health and welfare benefit arrangements. 
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic APQP in Quality & Planning

    07-Nov-2015 15:23 PM

    Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is to ensure that a product is well developed and satisfies the customer. Effective product quality planning depends on a company's top management's commitment to the effort required in meeting customer specifications and their requirements.
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic fresh cut bank instrument for lease/sale in Business categories

    07-Nov-2015 15:14 PM

    Really Good Information for lease and sale instruments.....
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic International Industry Fair in Business events- Tradeshows, Seminars, Conferences

    07-Nov-2015 15:02 PM

    Wow...I hope Itz going to be Best Industry collect all the Information and to get the Business deal....
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic Is advertisements are essential to develop a business? in Advertisements

    07-Nov-2015 14:59 PM

    Advertisement is one of the Most important in today Business to reach the Target Audience, Target Market, Make the Brand popular, remind the products, and promote well in Both the Online Business and Offline Business....
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic MJ Arts & Co. in Internet marketing

    07-Nov-2015 14:51 PM

    Yes Internet marketing will really help to Expose your Business and Product to each an Every people and World Wide and also with all the Social media network...One Of the Global B2B portal Know as will be the best choice to select, expose and promote your business..check it and you will get all the Information....
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic FOR SALE : (Mixing Console )(-Studer 962 -SSL C100 Broadcast Console) in Traditional marketing

    07-Nov-2015 14:37 PM

     Wow.. I hope the Mix Rack System is based around the compact Profile console with all in one....Good one
  • BradLuther


    07-Nov-2015 14:23 PM

    wow...I think its going to be Big opportunities for all the Musical Business to Get Deal and also for those People Who love to Play Musical Instruments that can be lots of option according to their Needs.
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic EPFO won Skoch Award in Employment of manpower

    07-Nov-2015 14:17 PM will really help the Employee to boost and carry on the work better and better ..
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic Financial service/instrument in Investment, fund raising and working capital

    07-Nov-2015 14:13 PM

    Good Service......keep it ip
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic Go online in How should I start this business?

    07-Nov-2015 14:08 PM

    Of course Online Business is the Most Important Now a days since Each an Every people world wide cant live without Online no matter either for collecting the Information, Connecting people, sharing, Purchasing, and so on..and the most Important for Business to be Online is that it will make easier for Customer to come, search the product or services, Build up relationship, make your Business or Brand popular that will lead to be success Business...  
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic What is the Scope to increase my business online and kindly list out the ways?? in Business ideas and opportunities

    07-Nov-2015 13:55 PM

    According to this New Modern World lots of Scope to increase your Business Online such as First need to plan your Business, Register your Business, Register Domain name, Get Beautiful website, Invest in SEO, post ads in online , GHet use with all the social media site, Content site, Build up relationship and update according to your Business so that it will be easy to keep track and make your site popular and High Rank in Search Engine....
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic 4 social media tools to lead your online strategy in General business talk & Business news

    07-Nov-2015 13:34 PM

    And also the other tools to lead social media..Better content, Buffer, Schedule,Share,all social media network,Post planner,Feedly and so on....
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic MJ Arts & Co. in Introduce yourself

    07-Nov-2015 13:21 PM

    Good service...thanks keep it up
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic MJ Arts & Co. in Introduce yourself

    07-Nov-2015 13:20 PM

    good question....?
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic MJ Arts & Co. in Introduce yourself

    07-Nov-2015 13:18 PM

    It will be a good opportunities for those who really love the Arts product to get lots of choice... 
  • BradLuther

    BradLuther replied a topic My experience with Bizbilla in Feedbacks and Suggestions

    07-Nov-2015 13:06 PM

    Amazing Global B2B portal that really help to interact with all the Business people and expose the Business world wide..especially for all the Large Business Companies it will be the Best Choice for them to select and join in with lots of Benefit features that will boost up your Business at very affordable cost.....