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Signed pact on Tax info sharing

May 13, 2016 - 04:28:36 PM

India, Canada, Iceland, China, New Zealand and Israel, signed the pact Multilateral Competent Authority agreement for automatic exchange of information on tax issues and develop new tools and standards for tackling tax base erosion and evasion. It...


Taxcloud Mobile App

Nov 21, 2015 - 04:26:06 PM

Indian Income tax returns e-filing website ClearTax has launched Taxcloud mobile App for Chartered Accountant (CA) firms to make the process of e-filing of returns easier.


GST tax commitee

May 14, 2015 - 02:35:35 PM

GST proposal which was made before 12 years was unable to be approved as states feared reduction in their fiscal powers. But now the Rajya Sabha select committee on Goods and services tax bill formation has been agreed by the...


Finance minister Arun Jaitley gives tax incentives to encourage companies who participate in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Clean Ganga operation as a part of mandatory two per cent CSR spending.


Tax Exemption for Startups

Feb 5, 2015 - 04:36:35 PM

Startups may enjoy excise duty and service tax waiver for specified period, the proposal is under process. Startups which register under the department of science and technology and are certified as 'bonafide' will then be eligible for tax...


Kerala Commercial Taxes Department has slapped a fine of Rs 53.63 crore on four online trading companies including Flipkart and Jabong for allegedly doing illegal business in the state.  E-commerce major Flipkart has been asked...


GST bill to be passed

Dec 18, 2014 - 12:57:48 PM

Constitutional Amendment Bill on the Goods and Service Tax which is approved by the cabinet on Wednesday is to be introduced in the winter season parliament. As Petroleum is included in the bill it has faced consequences earlier from the state and...


Corporation Tax

Dec 17, 2014 - 11:54:23 AM

Corporation tax is the tax paid by the corporates on the net profit earned durning the year.This tax is one of the important component that generate high revenue to the goverment. For corporates there is no exemption limits avaialable.They can...


First soda tax

Nov 6, 2014 - 02:56:44 PM

The first city in US to pass a law taxing sugary drinks including sodas is Berkley, California. The fee will help curb consumption of sodas, energy drinks and sweetened iced teas, beverages that are contributing to obesity epidemic of the nation...


VAT Toolbox

Oct 8, 2014 - 03:28:11 PM

VAT Toolbox is a free VAT application on the App Store with a VAT number Validator, designed to support the unique features of the iPhone and iPad. It helps people to calculate what amount of VAT to add to a figure, as well as how much tax is...


America Forces Colonial Taxation

Oct 1, 2014 - 12:30:46 PM

Most of the developed countries has incorporated territorial model but by opposing them United States has imposed new worldwide taxation system which is known as colonial taxation. The nation with jurisdiction over the economic activity is entitled...


Certificate course on Taxation

Sep 10, 2014 - 02:28:40 PM

Tax laws in India are becoming more and more complex. Globalisation of economies, signing and review of free trade agreements, increase in the number of cross border transactions, mergers, acquisitions, tax treaties, transfer pricing etc. have added...

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